The 5 Loudest Boomboxes on the Market

When boomboxes first came out it was the ability to play music anywhere that made them an essential part of the party. For most the iconic boombox has to have a radio, but with most phones being equipped to play digital radio it’s been deemed obsolete by many so that the modern boombox is reduced to being an impressive portable speaker at its most basic.

How loud a speaker is can be determined by the power it puts out in decibels.

For every 10 decibels of sound the volume seems doubled and at the average concert you can expect about 100Db of sound. Most portable speakers can’t come close to this, but some can and these are the five loudest you can find to have your own personal concert.




This is a rugged beast with 4.1 surround sound and a built in 65watt amp. There’s also an option for using it as a hands free with a built in microphone and as a USB charging station.

It’s water, shock and dustrproof and is built to survive any party. There’s also a concealed carry handle and a 10 hour battery life so it can go anywhere.

The real joy of this speaker is that it can be connected with up to four of these speakers to create super loud sound. The “Booming Beast” has two midrange speakers, two tweeters and a subwoofer for crisp sound even at high volume.


This isn’t a traditional boombox, it’s missing the radio but with so many inputs you could simply surf via your phone instead. The battery life tends to fall short of the expectation but the real downside is that at the highest levels the bass just can’t keep up, maybe with four of these together it would but for really loud sound it doesn’t quite make it.


Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Marshall is one of the biggest names in amps so it’s no wonder that their speaker system makes the 5 loudest. This miniature version of their amp comes in three colors all with around 20 hours of playback.

The system has two 5W 3/4” cone Tweeters and a 4” 15W woofer for superior sound packed into a vintage looking mini-amp. The best feature of the Marshall is that it has analogue knobs which allow you to manually adjust the sound to your preference. Its capable of going up to 99Db of sound, well above the NYNE and pretty impressive for something this portable.


This is a toss up between Marshall’s Kilburn and Stockwell, they’re both very similar portable speakers but the Stockwell doesn’t have the tweeters so this has superior quality sound even if they’re similarly loud.

Like the NYNE this also doesn’t have radio capability but you’re making the trade for superior sound.


Sony ZS-BTG900 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Boombox Speaker System


This is more of the true boombox than the Marshall or the NYNE, there’s a radio tuner, CD drive and Bluetooth capability, but you’re also trading out the sound.

Most boomboxes that offer more than just a single input compromise by offering poorer quality of sound. With 20W speakers this is still a great boombox for someone who wants a device that has it all since the average speakers are between 5-10W for all in one systems.


Compared to the NYNE and the Marshall this really can’t measure up in sound quality, the only bonus is the built in radio and CD drive so if those are your main requirements then this is a superior choice.

There’s also no way to adjust the sound like the UE or the Marshall so you’re stuck with the quality and sound out of the box.




This is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers you can get and the 360 degree sound design is great for bringing the party. Despite it’s tiny size it’s shockproof, waterproof, and has deep quality bass.

With a battery life of 20 hours it can certainly stand against the Marshall, but if you’re not using it full volume you can stretch this for 60+ hours.

The highs and mids are crisp despite its design and there’s also an app so you can tweak the settings similar to the analogue dials on the Marshall but with greater accuracy. It comes in four optional colors and has a Bluetooth range of 100ft.


The app is cool and convenient but the smartfeature also kills the battery life and you’ll also have to have the app if you want to update the firmware, a necessity if you have newer Bluetooth devices.

This is also essentially a speaker since there’s no radio and no other frills, you also can’t use the USB for anything other than charging.


Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Like the Megaboom the Big Blue also delivers 360º sound. This is similar to the Sony in that it’s basically a cordless loud speaker however it’s also water resistant and lighter to carry.

Unlike the Sony though there’s also controls on the top for bass and treble which means you can tweak the sound similar to the Marshall. It produces 72 Watts of sound, well above the Sony, using 4 driver speakers a subwoofer and a radiator so it’s nice and clear even at loud volumes. It comes in two colors and also has NFC for convenience.


The battery life isn’t stellar, with only 4.5 hours it’s far shorter than any other here but that improves if you’re not using it at full volume. It’s also only a standalone so you can’t connect multiple units like the NYNE.



This is a pretty tough one, unless you’re determined to have a radio most of the boombox speakers are far better in quality of sound. The Marshall is by far the loudest of all, but that’s to be expected from such a great brand.

If you want something that has the same features with a bit more of a modern feel then the UE Megaboom is a close second because of the app, you’re getting almost as much sound with the same option for tweaking the quality.