Best Boombox for Kids

When it comes to buying the best boombox for kids most of us want good quality of sound, but since we are talking about kids, fun often beats functional and the best boombox for them is one that’s nice and easy to operate instead.

A good kids boombox still gives good sound but it does it with a much more interesting exterior and preferably speakers that aren’t too powerful. Many kids boomboxes are also more sturdy and shockproof to deal with the battering they will get with growing up and being able to connect their favorite audio is also a must.

You’ll also want a good battery life so that when it goes with them you’re not toting about tons of spare batteries or dealing with tantrums before you can get to recharging it.

Hello Kitty KT2026-MBY Portable Stereo



With a fun exterior and an iconic brand if your kid loves Hello Kitty then this is really the only choice. There’s a CD, AM/FM radio and aux input so they can listen to all their media and with the option for replaceable batteries they can take it to go.

Essentially it’s cute and functional which means it’s also pretty basic to use. This is ideal for kids of young ages without having to worry that there’s too much going on. This has big buttons and there’s not a lot of them which helps make it simple for younger children.


There’s no headphone option which means that you will have to hear it out loud if they’re listening to it. The quality of sound is also fairly poor and you won’t find that this isn’t really loud or of any good quality, in fact it will distort fairly quickly and sounds tinny no matter what the volume.



Portable, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boombox CD Player with Text Display




While it might seem that this entire section is full of pink the Turtles boombox helps to add yet another iconic cartoon character to the lineup. This has similar features to the HK box – a CD player and radio, but it’s also got station programmable memory and repeat and random modes.

These two units are almost identical other than those features since they’re the same size, take the same batteries, and have the same battery life. However, the real bonus of this model over the HK is that it has the coveted line-in for headphones. It has 12W speakers, something that is comparable to many adult boomboxes and better than the HK.


The CD player can be a little quirky and it seems there’s some issues with quality control over this so caveat emptor. The sound might be fairly loud but it’s also poor quality, the sound is tinny instead of rich and there’s no bass at all.



Jensen CD-490 Sport Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio and Aux Line-In, Red and Black


This is one of the best boomboxes around, especially for all round functionality. It has a CD player, Am/FM radio and and aux input. It uses the same batteries as both the TMNT and the HK players and has the same modes as the TMNT unit. There’s also a headphone jack. The sound is solid and doesn’t distort badly until the volume gets close to maximum.


The exterior is rather basic and there’s no fun characters, but the trade off is that this has better sound so it may be a superior choice for slightly older children. There’s also a lot of buttons which means this might not be at all suitable for younger children as it could be confusing to use.



Jaras® 2-Pack Bundle Kids Package


This is a nice bundle that comes with headphones as well which is great if you’re giving this as a gift as you’ll get two items for the price of one. The unit has a CD Player, AM/FM radio and  it’s designed with kids in mind because it has a volume limiter so they can’t damage their hearing while listening at loud volumes. There’s 19 programmable tracks and it’s also got an aux input to use with other devices

Unlike the other models this has a tape recorder! It’s rather retro and you might not have the best luck trying to find old ones but it does have one! The radio is quite good and gets decent reception too.


The battery life is a little poor and obviously with the limiter the sound isn’t great but it will do the job.



Disney PF500B Boombox


If there’s a name that kids recognize it’s Disney, and this fun looking boombox has lights to go with the fun looking exterior. It’s marketed for Phineas and Ferb fans and has a CD player and an aux jack but no radio. There’s two speakers and a fun text display on the front as well as sound effects for each button pressed. This is really a show in a boombox rather than just a music player and it will keep them entertained. The sound is enough for most kids but it’s definitely not suitable for quality music playback.


It’s marketed to be used with Disney CDs specifically which means that music comes out of one speaker and sounds come out of the other.




When it comes to the best boombox for kids you’ll want something that is fun to use but still lets them play their music. A lot of choices will depend on their character preferences and age since some may be too childish or too sophisticated, not to mention you may have a child who hates pink/green etc.

The Jaras package is the real winner because it has everything including the headphones and you won’t have to worry about them damaging their hearing.

As far as a basic character unit the Turtles unit definitely has the quality and features to please most kids, but if they’re not into turtles you should be able to find a comparable character unit that pleases them.