Best Waterproof Boombox

Whether you’re at a worksite or on the beach being able to bring your music with you can change the entire atmosphere around you. A boombox is a good way to improve your mood or get the party going but when you’re not just hanging out at home you need something that’s more rugged and that will stand up to potential accidents.

The best waterproof boombox should be able to stand up to any accident and keep on going. If you don’t want to compromise on sound and want a unit that is going to survive the water then check these out.


ION Audio Plunge | Waterproof Stereo Boombox


This is a great rugged stereo that is built for the wettest conditions since it can be fully submerged and floats! This is great for the pool, lake or beach since you never have to worry about it falling in and it has impressive 20W speakers for great sound quality.

There’s also 100 feet Bluetooth connectivity and a built in microphone if you want to use it as a mini PA. The battery life is also pretty incredible at 20 hours and it weighs in at only 2lb so it’s very portable. This is the next step up when you need more than just water “resistant”.


This has great sound, but the downside is that as the battery dies so too does the sound, as the battery starts to get low then your speaker won’t be as loud and this can be frustrating. The Bluetooth connectivity is also a little spotty when it gets further out.


ECOXGEAR Rugged and Waterproof Stereo Boombox


Like the ION this is also fully waterproof but you can also protect your phone by placing it inside the boombox. This is a great alternative to waterproof cases if your phone isn’t already waterproof and you can also store other items like cash and keys in there too so they don’t get lost.

It’s also got great rubberized edges so it can take drops and shocks better than the Pyle or the ION. This uses AAA batteries which can be swapped out unlike the ION or the DeWalt and it can last up to 25 hours. It will also float with up to 2lb inside of it.


This isn’t Bluetooth compatible, though the smaller ECXBT is. You can only use the aux jack to attach your phone and this means it HAS to stay inside the housing if you want to keep your music going and this is rather inconvenient. It also only has 6Watts of speakers which means pretty poor quality sound compared to the ION. It’s also the most expensive on the list.




This is ideal for a worksite, especially if you’re a fan of tools matching. This is very convenient because it allows you to charge 18v Dewalt battery packs while you’re listening to music so you can keep going and can also run off the very same battery packs to make it cordless.

There’s a radio and clock with 15 built in presets and an aux port to connect a phone or CD player. There are also power outlets to charge these from. The sound is reasonable and it’s loud enough for the average site though you may not be able to hear it with especially loud tools or ear protection in.


This isn’t technically waterproof, it’s only water resistant. And while the speakers are weatherproofed and the entire unit is surrounded by a steel cage you still wouldn’t want to submerge it fully. This is better for a worksite rather than a beach party just because of all the features connected for DeWalt tools. There’s also no Bluetooth, SD or USB input.


Pyle Industrial BoomBoX Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


Pyle has a good name for powerful sound and with the added roll cage around the boombox this is ideal for locations where it might tumble. This is quite similar to the DeWalt but doesn’t have the added charger options. Unlike the Dewalt it does have Bluetooth, USB, Aux and SD options as well as the AM/FM radio option. There’s also an LCD display and a 6 hour battery life.


This is also only water resistant so its great for a little water but can’t be fully submerged. It’s also about the same loudness as the Dewalt so it’s still put to shame by the ION. The water resistance is also functional but in a wet environment there are parts like screws which will still rust even if it doesn’t affect the operation.


ZEALOT S6 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


The Zealot may challenge the difference between a simple speaker and a boombox, it has a good amount of bass and solid sound which means it’s ideal for playing music from your phone. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and has two drivers and a sub.

There’s an aux, Bluetooth, and MicroSD input which is great for playing your own music. There’s up to 24 hours of play back and it’s splashproof.


There’s no FM radio which might be a downside for some and while it’s technically waterproof it’s not submersible which is why it’s marketed as “splashproof”. While this might work for sitting on the side at the pool or on a rainy day it’s probably not suitable for a boat or somewhere that this could be a risk.



The ION is the clear overall winner and it’s also not only the best waterproof boombox, but also one of the cheapest. If you want to have solid sound and full waterproof functionality then this is it. The 20W speakers are clearly above any of the others and while the storage box of the ECOXGEAR is useful the lack of Bluetooth really limits its functionality

The Zealot is a close second but not being fully submersible makes the waterproof feature questionable and the ION can definitely beat that.